twelve apostles in Victoria, Australia

The Beauty Of Driving The Great Ocean Road

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Sometimes a drive is just a drive, a matter of getting from one place to another. Other times the drive is an experience to be savoured. If you are visiting Australia with Totally Australia, the Great Ocean Road is a beautiful adventure just waiting for you. A car rental in...
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Education : Exploring Australia

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Reality TV is an increasingly popular escape for many busy people who enjoy sitting back and watching the latest home improvement or cooking show. Of course, most reality TV is not actually reality but is rather a carefully crafted fantasy that gives us a slightly skewed look at...
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My Trip To Sydney From USA

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My first trip to Sydney from USA was amazing, the whole Sydney travel and accommodation experience was top notch. Admittedly, the trek to Sydney, Australia was a bit grueling and long, but this spectacular city made it well worth the effort. Our journey began in Houston, on a...
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Guide To Travel Website Marketing With What Works.

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Travel website marketing involves consistent efforts to find out what works. After a few effective marketing tools are discovered, it reveals seasonal buyer trends. Here are some tips on travel website marketing. Start planning the travel marketing plan based on what people are...
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The Endless Choice In Australia Hotel Accommodation

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The continent of Australia has so much to offer travellers. Whatever kind of vacation experience people desire, they will find it in Australia. An array of hotel accommodation Australia choices await, from top five-star hotels in Sydney or Melbourne to tent camping in the...
Melbourne city by night

How Cool Is Melbourne?

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When questioning “How cool is Melbourne?”, does that refer to the weather or to the fact that Melbourne, Australia, is a very cosmopolitan city? Melbourne is Australia’s second largest city and is also Victoria’s capital. It is built on a plain at Port...
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Bringing the Family Together

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However you define family, whether it’s mum, dad and the kids, just you and your sweetie, or the whole gang including your favorite uncle, a family holiday in Australia can be a heck of an adventure. When holiday time rolls around, the kids are usually crying out for...
Perth skyline by night

The Flight from Perth to Sydney

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The flight from Perth to Sydney is one of the most common flights in Australia. Think of it as the Down Under equivalent of LA to New York. It’s the fastest way to get from one coast of the country to the other. If you’re spending much time in Oz, you’ll...
sun setting over Sydney Opera House

Where to Find Cheap Flights and Accomodation in Sydney

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Are you planning a trip to Sydney? It is easy to find great deals on flights and accommodation for a trip to Sydney with a quick search on the internet on such sites as Sydney Flights Accommodation or Totally Australia. Although buying online seems to be the most popular route...
Cradle Mountain

A Trip to Van Diemen’s Land

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Van Diemen’s Land has been around since the 1600s, though you probably know it now as Tasmania. Its name was changed to honor the Dutchman who first landed on its shores – Abel Tasman. (He actually named it for someone else, the origins of its first name: Anthoonij...