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Driving from Alice Springs to Melbourne

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When on holiday in Australia, you might be considering taking in the country by car. Thought you must be prepared to do so as Australia is a massive piece of land. At almost eight million square kilometres that’s a lot of room to spread out and also, a lot of ground to...
Fully furnished property in Neutral Bay, Sydney

What are The Options for Furnished Apartments in Sydney

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If you are not looking forward to booking a hotel, then a furnished apartment might be just what you need. These apartments can be a small one bedroom affair in the Downtown Sydney area or a spacious house with up to four bedrooms in one of Sydney’s suburbs. These furnished...
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Where To Stay On Your Trip to Australia

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So you’ve planned a trip to Australia. That’s an exciting trip. Many people can only dream of seeing Australia in their lifetime. For many its an impossible dream and you hear so many wannabe travellers complain that Australia is so far away and the other side of the...
furnished apartment living room

My Accommodation Experience in Sydney

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As an experienced traveller I have made some bad accommodation choices over the years. Recently, I had the opportunity to go to Sydney, Australia and friends told me that instead of booking a hotel, I should book a fully furnished apartment. I had no idea what they were talking...

The Top Ten Travel Tips

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You can travel safely and stick within your budget by following a few basic, savvy travel tips. Being prepared before you go can save you hours of costly headaches later. 1. Stay up-to-date on all the latest travel information. You may even be able to subscribe to travel updates...
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Australia – Travelling with Peace of Mind

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Once upon a time, no matter how rewarding it was in the end, travelling abroad could be quite an ordeal. Intensive planning, exorbitant expense, and days or weeks of travel before reaching the final destination meant that travelling to different countries was a rare treat for...
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The Best Flight To Australia

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Whether you are on holiday, enjoying a gap year, or travelling for business, if you are on your way to Australia, you will soon find there’s always something thrilling to do here. In between your efforts in locating the best flight to Australia and booking accommodations,...
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Where To Find Flight Deals To Sydney?

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Sydney is a bustling city with so much to keep you occupied that it can energize and revitalize you. At the same time, with all the relaxing downtime activities available, you’re sure to have a whole new lease on life after your visit. Whether you’re on your way on...

Where to find the best travel deals in Australia?

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Australia is a popular travel destination for international visitors. No matter where you want to go in OZ, you will always be able to find excellent travel deals that will fit your budget, from rental vehicles and flights to furnished apartments and hotels. Finding cheap...
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Popular Flights in Australia

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There are quite a few airports across the massive continent of Australia, and planes are busily crisscrossing the country all day long, taking tourists, business travellers, and native Australians to their destinations comfortably and quickly. When you know all the ins and outs...