The Drive from Alice to Melbourne

When on holiday in Australia, you might be considering taking in the country by car. Thought you must be prepared to do so as Australia is a massive piece of land. At almost eight million square kilometres that’s a lot of room to spread out and also, a lot of ground to cover when driving.

Alice Springs or ‘The Alice’ as it’s colloquially known, is a town that is located in the geographical centre of Australia, close to the southern border of the Northern Territory, one of the six states that makes up Australia. The town is famous for its large populace of United States nationals whom have been present since the 1950s and a large majority of are employed at the Pine Gap Defence Space Research facility.

The Gap is a joint operation between the US and Australian government. As the third largest town in Australia’s Northern Territory, Alice sees a lot of tourism due to its close proximity to Ayers Rock, which lies just over 200 miles away. Those who visit Alice Springs usually like to check out this magnificent sandstone rock formation which lies in the Red Desert that makes up the surrounding area of Alice Springs.

The climate in Alice Springs is classified as a Desert climate with temperatures that conform to that classification due to the Alice being right at the point where several deserts converge. Driving from Alice Springs to Melbourne is quite a trip, in more ways than one, so you may wish to fly. The trip itself will take a little over 22 hours so that’s a whole day of non stop driving and you’ll be crossing the majority of South Australia on the A8 motorway, passing through Adelaide and then heading east to Melbourne for a total of just over a thousand miles.

You’ll pass through a variety of small towns and see a lot of beautiful scenery when it’s light out. If you are driving a camper van then there are many beautiful spots on the drive you can pull over and enjoy an opportunity to camp out in the Australian desert which will be a fantastic side trip on your journey to Melbourne. If you’re not driving a camper and if you get tired easily, It’s probably best to try and make it to Adelaide and find a hotel to rest before continuing on to Melbourne.

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What are The Options for Furnished Apartments in Sydney

If you are not looking forward to booking a hotel, then a furnished apartment might be just what you need. These apartments can be a small one bedroom affair in the Downtown Sydney area or a spacious house with up to four bedrooms in one of Sydney’s suburbs. These furnished apartments are situated in prime locations throughout Sydney, including areas such as the Sydney Central Business District, Mosman, Castle Hill, Homebush Bay, Darlinghurst, Pyrmont, Parramatta or Surry Hills.

When renting your furnished apartment in Sydney, you will find that you have many options to choose from in terms of style, how many bedrooms you want or need and the location you want to be in. Of course, if you are a single person or a couple, you may want a smaller apartment and these are plentiful due to the limited space they require. They are also located in some of the best locations in Sydney such as its golden sandy beaches that are ever popular with tourists like Bondi and Coogee.

There are two types of apartments: Long term and short term. Short term apartments are for those staying for only a couple of weeks at the most. Long term apartments are for those staying a month or more. Long term stays can actually work out to be cheaper as you are staying for a good length of time, if you were just hitting Sydney for a week or two then you might end up paying top dollar so it’s always a good idea to check online, know your budget and length of stay and find out exactly what the leasing terms are.

As far as the areas are concerned, northern Sydney has some fantastic apartments, both long and short term, that are great for families, you can get to North Sydney via the iconic Sydney Harbour bridge and via a ferry service that operates daily. North Sydney is the location for Luna Park, Sydney’s famous, family friendly amusement park in Lavender Bay so if you’re travelling with kids who love amusement parks, they won’t be disappointed.

Also, there are some picturesque and quiet beaches along the coastline that are perfect for having a picnic if you prefer a quieter atmosphere. The apartments and houses are among a more commercial district in North Sydney but there is plenty of scenery to keep the nature lover interested.

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Where To Stay On Your Trip to Australia

So you’ve planned a trip to Australia. That’s an exciting trip. Many people can only dream of seeing Australia in their lifetime. For many its an impossible dream and you hear so many wannabe travellers complain that Australia is so far away and the other side of the world. While it is true that Australia is relatively isolated from the rest of the world, being down under the equator in the southern hemisphere when most of the travellers are coming from the northern hemisphere from places like Europe and North America.

Fut for those who’ve gone ahead and booked a trip to the land down under, you’re in for a real treat. The only real question is, what kind of accommodation are you going to book? Will you book a hotel room, a camping site or a furnished apartment such as what you can find on

Nobody comes to Australia and just stays in one city. They want to be like the early settlers of Australia and explore the land, soak up the culture, the magnificent cities and towns, the beaches and of course, the outback. If you’re into camping, then the idea of sleeping out under the stars in the outback might be a dream come true. The outback is not an American restaurant chain but a term used to refer to Australia’s desert areas and any area that is remote and sparsely populated.

Camping in the outback is unlike any other experience and it’s also very good for those who are budget conscious. All you have to pay for when camping is the food you eat and petrol to get you to the outback. You don’t have to pay for accommodation, but you must be sure that you are not trespassing on farmland and of course you must be aware that this is Dingo country and if you’re travelling with small children, not to let them wander off by themselves.

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My Accommodation Experience in Sydney

As an experienced traveller I have made some bad accommodation choices over the years. Recently, I had the opportunity to go to Sydney, Australia and friends told me that instead of booking a hotel, I should book a fully furnished apartment. I had no idea what they were talking about; how can one just book a fully furnished apartment? Wouldn’t that be like renting an apartment? Wouldn’t there be some sort of long-term lease agreement? I was only going to be in Sydney for three weeks, which isn’t even a whole month. They explained to me exactly how fully furnished apartments work, and told me where I could find them online. I was intrigued.

Suddenly, a whole new travelling experience opened up to me. I was going to book my first short stay apartment in Sydney with a company named Furnished Properties Pty Ltd. I was of course, more than a bit apprehensive at first; what were these apartments going to be like? Sure, they looked fantastic in the pictures on the internet, but what if they were quite the opposite in reality? Every scenario I could possibly imagine clouded my mind and threatened to extinguish any sort of possibility of me having a wonderful holiday in Sydney in these luxurious apartments.

In fact, I was almost going to cancel my booking, but my friends reassured me and even showed me pictures they themselves had taken of the apartments they stayed in. One of the apartments actually looked remarkably similar to the one I had just booked: A one bedroom apartment by the beach. Perfect and what an experience ……….. a wonderful, make you feel at home vibe.

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The Top Ten Travel Tips

You can travel safely and stick within your budget by following a few basic, savvy travel tips. Being prepared before you go can save you hours of costly headaches later.

1. Stay up-to-date on all the latest travel information. You may even be able to subscribe to travel updates so that you can stay current on weather, travel advisories, and other information for your destination that can help you have a safer, more enjoyable trip.
2. Purchase travel insurance that can protect you from unforeseen events and expenses. A comprehensive travel insurance policy should cover emergency medical treatment and evacuation, hospital care, personal accidents and liability, legal expenses, trip interruption or cancellation, and lost baggage or property.
3. Register your travel plans in case of emergency. You can often do this online online before you depart or after you arrive at your chosen destination’s consulate, embassy, or high commission.
4. Obey the laws. Become familiar with the laws of the country in which you will be travelling so that you will not inadvertently be in violation of them. Understand that you will not receive special consideration simply because you are a visitor or not a citizen.
5. Ensure you meet the entry and exit requirements and have correct visas for each country you will be travelling through or visiting. Travel websites can be very helpful in regards to this.
6. Have copies of all your valuable paperwork, including your traveller’s cheques, passport details, visas, travel insurance, and credit card numbers. Take a copy with you, and carry it separately from the originals. Leave another copy with a trusted friend or family member at home.

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Australia – Travelling with Peace of Mind

Once upon a time, no matter how rewarding it was in the end, travelling abroad could be quite an ordeal. Intensive planning, exorbitant expense, and days or weeks of travel before reaching the final destination meant that travelling to different countries was a rare treat for most people. Today, travelling abroad is far more common and affordable. In fact, many are able to go abroad for their holidays at least once a year, if not more often.

Australia has become one of the most popular destinations for many of these world travellers. The country provides an alluring blend of laid-back culture, pleasant weather, and warm, sandy beaches perfect for sunning or surfing. Although it’s on the other side of the globe, an international flight to Sydney, Australia takes fewer than 24 hours from most cities throughout the world.

The first thing that may strike those from the U.K. or other European countries will be the sheer mind-boggling size of Australia. Whereas they may be able to drive easily from one city to the next in the course of a few hours or even a day in their home country, it can take up to several days in Australia. Flying between major or capital cities is often the most affordable or speediest course of action here.

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The Best Flight To Australia

Whether you are on holiday, enjoying a gap year, or travelling for business, if you are on your way to Australia, you will soon find there’s always something thrilling to do here. In between your efforts in locating the best flight to Australia and booking accommodations, you’ll likely be planning outings as well. While the capital cities hold plenty of allure for visitors to Australia, there are so many other exciting places to explore.

Broome is a pearling town located on a small peninsula in Western Australia, where the crimson desert contrasts sharply against the white sandy beaches and turquoise sea. This remote outback town is rich in Aboriginal, Asian, and European cultures. Trendy restaurants, a relaxing resort, and beach-side bars keep the nightlife hopping, while warm tropical breezes and virginal beaches provide a charming backdrop for the entire town.

Steeped in history, Ballarat is a bit more than an hour’s drive from Melbourne. Once a gold rush town and the site of Australia’s only armed rebellion, Ballarat today is a vibrant city, filled with locally grown produce and wineries, theatres and art galleries, walking and cycling trails, and activities the entire family will enjoy.

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Where To Find Flight Deals To Sydney?

Sydney is a bustling city with so much to keep you occupied that it can energize and revitalize you. At the same time, with all the relaxing downtime activities available, you’re sure to have a whole new lease on life after your visit. Whether you’re on your way on holiday or coming back home, you can find a flight deal to Sydney sure to fit your budget.

When booking a national trip to Sydney, Australia there are three main types of websites you can check to find the lowest ticket prices available. An airline’s own website will have the prices for their own flights. Traditional booking agents check through various websites and, for a small fee, will process your ticket for you. Ticket aggregators are the third option. These sites check the websites of a number of airlines and will book your flight without charging an extra fee. They rely on advertising instead.

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Where to find the best travel deals in Australia?

Australia is a popular travel destination for international visitors. No matter where you want to go in OZ, you will always be able to find excellent travel deals that will fit your budget, from rental vehicles and flights to furnished apartments and hotels. Finding cheap international flights are often just an Internet search away, whether you want to visit remote Cape York or striking Uluru and The Olgas in the Northern Territory.

Cape York was once primarily attractive to tourists only during its dry season, but thanks to easy air travel, people can now visit year round. A stunning wilderness peninsula, Cape York is located on the northern tip of Queensland, Australia. Fragrant eucalyptus forests, tropical rain forests, and grassy savannas are home to diverse wildlife species including exotic crocodiles, brilliant parrots, and vivid green tree pythons. Visitors flock to Cape York to bird watch, camp, bushwalk, or fish.

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Popular Flights in Australia

There are quite a few airports across the massive continent of Australia, and planes are busily crisscrossing the country all day long, taking tourists, business travellers, and native Australians to their destinations comfortably and quickly. When you know all the ins and outs of Australian travel, you hold the keys to getting the same great deals on flights in Australia that the insiders do, which could be a flight from Sydney to Melbourne. Without that background information, however, you may not get the most affordable tickets, costing you more while leaving you less money for the fun that makes your holiday really worthwhile. 

The most popular air routes are often the least expensive, since the more passengers are on board a plane, the more worthwhile it is to fly to a particular destination. The most popular flight routes in Australia include flights to and from major cities, including:

  • Melbourne to Sydney
  • Brisbane to Sydney
  • Brisbane to Melbourne
  • Adelaide to Melbourne
  • Gold Coast to Sydney

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The Beauty Of Driving The Great Ocean Road

Sometimes a drive is just a drive, a matter of getting from one place to another. Other times the drive is an experience to be savoured. If you are visiting Australia, the Great Ocean Road is a beautiful adventure just waiting for you. A car rental in Australia can provide you with the only tools you will need. You just need to bring yourself.

The Great Ocean Road was built by Australian soldiers as a memorial for those killed in World War I and wends its scenic way around 440 kilometres of coastline. As it curves through Southwest Victoria, it passes some of the most incredible scenery in the world. Shipwreck Coast, the rocky coast along the Great Ocean Road, includes the 12 Apostles, enormous stacked limestone formations in the ocean. A short drive west of the 12 Apostles is the Loch Ard Gorge, a tucked in gorge with sheer cliff faces and a certain wild beauty.

The Grotto just west of Port Campbell is a stunning natural arch, and this picturesque stop is followed by Wreck Beach, where you can walk down to see the anchors of the shipwrecked Marie Gabrielle and the Fiji. The Bay of Martyrs is slightly less popular but no less spectacular than the 12 Apostles, with incredible wide, flat rock formations jutting up from the ocean.

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Education : Exploring Australia

Reality TV is an increasingly popular escape for many busy people who enjoy sitting back and watching the latest home improvement or cooking show. Of course, most reality TV is not actually reality but is rather a carefully crafted fantasy that gives us a slightly skewed look at real life. Australians have one of the longest workweeks in the Western world, and relaxing in front of the TV can be one way they enjoy their downtime, but is it really healthy?

Numerous studies have shown a correlation between excessive television watching and serious health consequences, including obesity and an increased risk of ADHD in children. Even though your workweek may leave you feeling tired and wanting to veg out in front of the TV, an education in fun, adventure, and emotional and mental health is right on our doorsteps.

Taking a break from the everyday and focusing on nature can inspire creativity, reduce stress, and even improve your physical health. Whether you choose to surf at Bondi or go sand-boarding at Anna Bay, you will find that physical activity nourishes both body and soul. Exploration at such diverse locations as Tasmania brings feelings of childlike wonder and thrills. If you prefer more relaxation on your days off, Whitsunday islands offer a little bit of lazy paradise, no TV necessary.

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My Trip To Sydney From USA

My first trip to Sydney was amazing, the whole Sydney travel and accommodation was top notch. Admittedly, the trek to Sydney, Australia was a bit grueling and long, but this spectacular city made it well worth the effort. Our journey began in Houston, on a Continental flight to Los Angeles. After a brief layover, we continued onward to our destination via a comfortable, non-stop flight on United Airlines.

Upon our arrival at the Sydney International Airport, we were exhausted, and were grateful that we had made reservations with the Kingsford Smith Airport Coach Services, who whisked us, and our luggage to our hotel right away. We booked at round trip ticket with them, and they were just as professional when returning us to the airport.

Accommodations are plentiful in Sydney within all price ranges. Because of its proximity to so many world famous attractions, we lodged at The Russell Hotel, in the Rocks area of town. Although its title simply states it as a hotel, The Russell, which dates back to 1887, it is actually a boutique-hotel-bed and breakfast combined within an architecturally interesting facade.

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Guide To Travel Website Marketing With What Works.

Travel website marketing involves consistent efforts to find out what works. After a few effective marketing tools are discovered, it reveals seasonal buyer trends. Here are some tips on travel website marketing.

Start planning the travel marketing plan based on what people are searching for. Research is one way to clearly see what destinations and information vacationers are searching for and an example of this is, if people are looking and searching for domestic flights in Australia. Use keyword research tools online or outsource the research. Websites like Google keyword tool external and Spyfu are great free resources to try.

Creating a website that highlights some of the attractions or landmarks of the destination city is important. Include pertinent key words, photographs, and even a short video that highlights things to do in that area. Use some of these short videos for marketing the website. Distribute the videos at Tube Mogul, YouTube, and other popular video sharing websites. Make the first text in the resource box for video sharing websites the URL that is related to the video.

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The Endless Choice In Australia Hotel Accommodation

The continent of Australia has so much to offer travellers. Whatever kind of vacation experience people desire, they will find it in Australia. An array of hotel accommodation Australia choices await, from top five-star hotels in Sydney or Melbourne to tent camping in the Outback, with budget hotels in many cities in Australia.

For those seeking nonstop summer fun on the beach, the tropical climate of North Australia lasts all year. If a wilderness experience is to your liking, Bush Camp in Faraway Bay is in the Kimberley region. Many budget hotels are available at the Margaret River Wine Region, near Perth in Western Australia.

The city of Cairns and the nearby Whitsunday Islands are the gateway to the Great Barrier Reef, one of the most popular underwater attractions in the world. Combined hotel accommodation and diving excursion packages are surprisingly affordable. Lake Tinaroo is in the mountains near Cairns, offering enjoyable houseboat vacation rentals.

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How Cool Is Melbourne?

When questioning “How cool is Melbourne?”, does that refer to the weather or to the fact that Melbourne, Australia, is a very cosmopolitan city?

Melbourne is Australia’s second largest city and is also Victoria’s capital. It is built on a plain at Port Phillip Bay, which is located at the mouth of the Yarra River on Australia’s southern coast.

“Cool”, referring to weather, is true because the climate is temperate with mild weather in spring and autumn, warm or hot summers, and cool winters. There are seldom extreme temperatures.

“Cool”, when referring to Melbourne, also means that it is Australia’s cultural capital with international cuisine, trendy cafes, boutique shopping centers with the latest fashions, artistic performances of all types, contemporary arts in galleries and museums, the Australia Ballet, Opera Australia, excellent theaters, the Crown Casino and Entertainment Complex, and more.

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Bringing the Family Together

However you define family, whether it’s mum, dad and the kids, just you and your sweetie, or the whole gang including your favorite uncle, a family holiday in Australia can be a heck of an adventure.

When holiday time rolls around, the kids are usually crying out for whatever the nearest theme park is, but let’s be honest, if you’ve seen one theme park, you’ve seen them all. No two people come back from an amusement park with two different stories. It’s always going to be something along the lines of “The rides were fun, but drinks were six dollars a cup!” Fun, sure, but unique? Nobody wants to hear your story about going to an amusement park. They’ve been, they know what it’s like.

A trip to Australia almost guarantees that you’re all going to have a story to tell when you get back.

Even if you never leave the city, a day in Sydney is like immersing yourself in a whole other world. Going from the UK or the US to Australia is like watching Star Wars for the first time: these people are speaking your language, they have a society similar to yours, but the culture itself has been turned completely upside down. There’s no wonder they call it “Oz”, at times, it feels like you’re in a different world entirely.

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The Flight from Perth to Sydney

The flight from Perth to Sydney is one of the most common flights in Australia. Think of it as the Down Under equivalent of LA to New York. It’s the fastest way to get from one coast of the country to the other. If you’re spending much time in Oz, you’ll probably wind up taking the flight, so you probably have a few questions, and you’ll probably find the answers below…

How Long is the Flight?

The shortest length of the flight from Perth to Sydney is usually around five hours. If you have a lot of stops, it can be up to ten hours on the cheapest tickets, but that’s not too likely. Expect to spend anywhere from five to seven hours from the time you board the plane in Perth to the time you get off the plane in Sydney.

How’s the Flight?

A lot depends on your airline, of course. Some planes will feel like you’re floating through the clouds on a luxury yacht with wings, others will feel like you’re riding the cramped city bus of the skies. What remains the same no matter who you fly with is the view: It’s gorgeous.

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Where to Find Cheap Flights and Accomodation in Sydney

Are you planning a trip to Sydney? It is easy to find great deals on flights and accommodation for a trip to Sydney. Although buying online seems to be the most popular route these days, some people still prefer to go to a travel agent and have the agent help them plan their trip.

When buying online, you can often find deals that include both a flight and hotel, and maybe even a rental car too. This allows you to save money and only have to look in one place, rather than several to find a cheap flight, a cheap hotel, and a cheap car. Sometimes these deals come with discount tickets to attractions around the city. Buying ahead of time and travelling during the off-season will also help reduce your costs. Be flexible with when you can travel, if possible. Weekday flights are often cheaper than weekend flights.

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Be Daring!

If you have always lived on the safe side of life, why not, just for once, let you hair down and take the plunge. Do something totally different and live out your dream, whatever it is, even if only for a few weeks or a few months. What do I mean? I mean, whatever it is that you have always yearned after or daydreamed about! Your life’s dream!

Maybe you have wanted to take a gap year in Australia, either working or on holiday. Do it girl! If you can financially afford it, pack in your job, hop on a plane and look for furnished apartments in Sydney for rent.

It sounds crazy but if you do not live out your dreams then you will regret it in later life. Maybe you want to pack up for a month or two on a charity expedition, maybe teaching English in China or building schools in Africa. Look into it; what do you have to lose by enquiring?

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Live Life to the Max

If you have ever wanted to work abroad, then now is the best time to do it. With the world seeming to get smaller each year, something that might have seemed totally out of our reach a few short years ago, might be possible with just a little effort.

Australia is a popular place to go and work, especially with students, as it is easier for them to be able to work. They get to work to make enough money for a few months and then they get the chance to travel Australia and see what this immense and wild country has to offer.

Another benefit of Australia is that they speak the same language and to a large extent share the same culture, so it is easier to make yourself at home.

For something totally different, why not take a teaching English course and this will open up the possibilities for you. With your English certificate you will have access to language schools across the globe as your skills are very transferable.

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This Way and That

When you are looking for a cheap flight ticket it is tempting to look at just the most famous carriers and obvious stopovers, but you have to play the game carefully and if you are clever you can end up saving yourself large sums of money.

Let’s say you want to travel to Australia – and let’s face it, many of us do! Don’t just look at the normal stopover points associated with this route, get creative and see what is on offer. You may end up stopping over in a country you had never dreamed of, giving you the opportunity to save money as well as potentially visiting a country which you never thought to visit, bringing you new experiences and sights.

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A Trip to Van Diemen’s Land

Van Diemen’s Land has been around since the 1600s, though you probably know it now as Tasmania. Its name was changed to honor the Dutchman who first landed on its shores – Abel Tasman.

(He actually named it for someone else, the origins of its first name: Anthoonij van Diemenslandt. It wasn’t until the 1803 colonization by the British that this island was posthumously honored with yet another name change. Probably for the best – can you imagine telling someone you were traveling to Diemenslandstia?)

Tasmania is a small, self-contained state of Australia, mostly known for its beautiful scenery and rich natural history. There are numerous cultural centres and historic landmarks designed to showcase the adventures and eventual settlement of travellers past, and it’s a heavenly stop for anyone interested in genealogy. Tasmania can trace the origins of some residents all the way back to the eighteenth century! It even has sites of historic value officially recognized by the UNESCO World Heritage List, like its convict heritage based on an old Port Arthur prison.

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Little known ways to find deals on Sydney accommodation in Australia

Planning a vacation is not always easy to do. There are so many different things you need to plan and research in order to get the best travel deals. When it comes to hotels, be sure you do your homework. When searching for Sydney accommodation Australia you will need to compare location, amenities, and price.

Sydney, Australia is a popular vacation destination. There is so much to do and see in this city that you really have to map out all the attractions you want to visit and then choose a property that is central to the majority of them. Once you know where you want to stay in Sydney then compare rates and amenities. Some hotels include breakfast and internet service. Having these included in the hotel rate can save you a lot of money.

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What Everybody Ought to Know About Sydney Tourism

When the global financial crisis hit, every major economic system was affected. One of the hardest hit areas was that of tourism, as this is an area that is nonessential to the continuance of life. However, for those who work in the tourism industry, they would say differently. In Sydney, the impact on tourism was to slow it down, but not to stop it.

In 2008 world leaders around the globe had to act fast to prevent economic collapse. While nearly all acted quickly and decisively, the impact was spread worldwide. In the aftermath, people have simply been spending less on travel to conserve money for necessary life expenses, like food and shelter.

But in light of the effects of the global financial crisis, a surprising trend was found. Although fewer tourists have been visiting Australia on holiday, those who are visiting the country are staying for longer blocks of time. These extended stays by fewer people have helped to offset the effects of less tourists. In fact, the overall dollar amount of the tourism industry in Australia increased to a record number in 2008.

Difficulties extended however into 2009 as the industry struggled against the addition of the Black Saturday bushfires, called as the worst ever national disaster for the country. Sydney fell behind Melbourne in tourism spending, but kept up a decent figure for the rest of the year.

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The Iconic Symbols of Australia

As one who has always wanted to travel in Australia, I often spend time making lists of things I want to do or see. The most recent list I have made is of the symbols I most associate with a trip to Australia.

First has to be the kangaroo, that quintessential symbol of down under. My childhood is full of memories of Skippy and when I do finally make it there, I hope to see them in the wild. Another animal-related symbol is the Great White Shark, but I hope that I do not run into one of those!

Secondly it has to be Ayers Rock or Uluru as they call it locally. Most countries have landmarks, but this has got to be one of the most atmospheric of them all, rising majestically over the Northern Territory and best viewed at sunset.

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My Travel in Australia

Ever since I was a kid, I always made sure that I documented my holiday experiences with lots of photographs, a written diary and memorabilia from my trip – boarding passes, tickets to attractions, blank postcards, pressed flowers and anything else that would hold the memories fresh in my mind.

It is the same for my travel in Australia. Except nowadays it is much easier to document and share your holiday of a lifetime. Whereas you used to have a few blurred snaps which cost a fortune to develop, you can now take as many digital photos of Ayers Rock or Bondi beach as you want.

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An Easy Destination

When you think about it, many holiday destinations are quite stressful. There is a different language, so it is hard to make yourself understood. The food is quite foreign and many holidays end with a nasty dose of stomach upsets. And the culture is totally different so you run the risk of offending the local customs and culture.

That is one of the reasons why Australia is such a great holiday destination and a good place to start is in the harbour city of Sydney which is made easy by the fact that they speak the same language, eat many of the same foods and even drink the same beer!

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Travelling on your own in Australia

One of the perennial questions of travel is whether to go on your own or travel with a companion. If you are thinking about travelling in Australia, there are pros and cons of each. Check for more information on being a traveller in Australia.

If you are considering travelling on your own to Australia, it can be one of the best places to do so in some respects – after all, the language is the same as ours and to a large extent the culture is the same too, so a single woman would not look out of place travelling on her own.

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Inspired by Articles on Australia?

As one of those who loves to leaf through travel articles and magazines before deciding on my next holiday, I always keep cut-outs of travel articles that I have found particularly inspirational. I keep a covered shoe-box in a cupboard where I put all the ripped out pages about particular journeys people have taken or hotels that have received good write-ups.

This way I am never short of ideas for a perfect holiday! One of the sections in my show box which is rapidly expanding is those travel articles Australia. I have never been there and yet I feel like I almost know the place – although this is by no means a substitute for the real thing and I am desperate to go there as soon as the budget allows.

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Who else wants to visit Sydney, Australia?

Sydney, Australia is a harbour city known for its beautiful beaches, mild temperatures and variety of sights and attractions for tourists. Sydney offers many tours and cruises of the area, and there are many outdoor festivals in the summer. You can always find cheap flights and travel packages to Sydney throughout the year on such sites as and Totally Australia.

The weather in Sydney is mild for the most part, and enjoyable all throughout the year, with more than 300 days of sun per year. Note that the seasons are the opposite of the United States – summer runs December-February, March-May is autumn or fall, June-August is winter and spring is September-November. Summertime temperatures range from 79 degrees F or 26 C to hotter than 104 F or 40 C. November-February is a time to catch Sydney’s outdoor festivals and enjoy activities such as bushwalking and cycling. November is the start of beach season. Winter is cool, with rain for two weeks and temperatures in the 50s. If you don’t like the beach, you may prefer to visit during the winter.

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Take Your Pick of Accommodation in Sydney

If you are looking for deals on accommodation in Sydney, it can be a pretty tough choice. With hundreds of hotels on offer, from basic accommodation through to 5-star luxury hotels, you really will be spoiled for choice. What do you look for when searching for accommodation in Sydney? Are you travelling with your family or may be on a corporate relocation or simply on your own discovering the pleasure of a new experience of a city never travelled.

First you need to decide on your budget, as this is the most important criteria! Remember though that you can often find pretty good deals on the internet or direct with the hotel themselves, so it pays to punch above your weight a little.

Although you may not be able to afford the rack rate, you may well be able to afford the hotel through a discount hotel site. You may even have extra flexibility on this if you are prepared to take your chances on this and book at the last minute. However, if budget is very tight, you might well want to look at some of the many inexpensive hostels which are dotted throughout the city.

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Visting Australia

It’s an easy place to live; its people are laid back and unpretentious, gracious toward visitors, always ready for a good time. But to generalize isn’t fair . . .the sum of what Australia “is” will be a compilation of your own unique experience of Oz’s people and places.

The first thing to keep in mind is just how large Australia is … roughly the same size as the US. From Brisbane to Sydney is one day’s drive, and from there to Melbourne another 12 hours’ drive. Perth to Sydney is four solid days on roads with few petrol/gas stations or hotels/motels. Flying from one destination to the next, then hiring a car, is preferred by most travellers. Public transport is available in major cities.

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Affordable Deals on Boutique Hotels in Sydney

If you enjoy staying at boutique hotels and you happen to be planning a trip to Sydney, you’re in luck. Sydney is known as one of the greatest locations in the world for boutique hotels. Not only that, but the majority of boutique hotels in Sydney are very affordable. This is not the case in most other cities. And don’t get the wrong idea. When it comes to Sydney, cheap doesn’t equal poor quality. Actually, the boutique hotels in Sydney are all of high quality and if you want to read more, there are plenty of review sites out there such as Sydney Flights Accommodation. They are affordable simply so they will draw more attention to the area.

There are many reasons to consider boutique hotels in Sydney. Aside from the hotels themselves, there are many attractions. Since most boutique hotels in Sydney are located near the Sydney Harbour, we will mention the most popular attractions in that area. Be sure to check out Darling Harbour, Paddy’s Market, the Chinese Gardens, World Square, the Sydney Aquarium, and the numerous museums in the area.

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Explore Sydney like the Gladiator

There are many reasons why Sydney, Australia is a sought after vacation destination. Sydney boasts an exciting and varied nightlife as well as amazing cuisine that is sure to impress even the most difficult to please. The local culture is very visitor friendly, making travellers want to return again and again.

Both domestic and international travellers will delight in the surrounding area’s beaches and wildlife. Surfers from around the world travel to Sydney’s beaches to catch the incredible waves. The water also provides an opportunity for nature lovers to explore and learn to scuba dive. There are many tour guides available to show you all there is to see. There is an exciting outdoor activity for everyone, and Australia’s beauty and abundant nature is one you will not soon forget once your vacationing is done.

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